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    September 2012, the security of gainful employment is behind me once again, as I embark on a Masters in education at Queen's University, Kingston. It's early days yet, but I'm focusing research on the controversial topic of "Creationism vs. Science" in North American education. Take a look at some of the stuff I'm doing as I go... here.

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    Photo's of the family - Daniel (b. 19/08/1992), Abigail (b. 06/07/1995) and Amelia Joyce Patricia (b. about 16:10, 25/11/2004, 5lbs 61/2oz), not to mention Lorraine, myself, our parents, the rest of the family, friends, pets and everybody else, what we all get up to and all the rest, are here...

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    Biologist by training, scientist and techie by inclination, consultant and college lecturer by profession and currently a Master's student in Ontario, Canada... what's next?

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Wherever you go, here you are

I'm neck-deep in my latest challenge. Not content with starting a whole new life for myself and my family, in an amazing country full of possibilities, once again I'm learning new skills and new approaches to that new life.

We've been in Ontario, a village called Westport, surrounded by bigger towns like Perth, Smiths Falls, Brockville and Kingston, since summer 2009. The winters have taken it gently with us and we're settling in well.

Things could be easier, those who know us know what I mean. I suppose worthwhile should never be easy, it wouldn't be valued as much then would it?

Right now, I'm typing this overlooking a stunning vista of lake and woodland, shining in a brilliant, clear-blue sky. Abigail's preparing for university next September, Dan's in Peterborough doing his thing, Amelia is playing has her devoted grandfather at her beck and call, my incredible wife is hard at work on her Ph.D., and Joyce, the best mother-in-law that ever set foot in a kitchen, is conjuring wonderful smells from an oven that's older than me.

Life is good eh?

Recent Projects

Interactive, touchscreen information systems for local government and tourist information centres in eastern Ontario..

Network design and implementation, including VPN and datacentre solutions for public and priate sector corporates.

Web development for various businesses throughout the Perth and Smiths Falls area.

Strategic and operational level Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and disaster recovery for public and private sector organisations.