Our children deserve to be taught to the best of our knowledge, not to a political or cultural agenda.

Evidence-based practice, it really is the only way to go.

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A bit of a disclaimer. This web site is a strange mix of personal and professional material, which I suppose, sums me up. My professional life says a lot about me personally and vice versa. So, whilst a lot of the material on here relates to my studies, career history, current and maybe even future interests, the views and opinions expressed in personally authored media on this site are mine and mine alone. Any and all contributions, editing and maintenance of this site are conducted during my own time during evenings and weekends (with perhaps a little during lunchtime at work). The opinions posted on this site are most definitely not intended to represent the opinions or positions of any of my employers, past, present or future, and should never be construed as such.

Parody or Indoctrination?

So, a recent visit to the Little Kids’ school, tucked away in rural Ontario, which—I should say from the outset—is a Roman Catholic elementary school, revealed one or two interesting corridor displays... and I had a sense of humor failure.

MSTE Doctoral Fellowship

The Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (MSTE) Group is a research and development team at the Faculty of Education that is dedicated to improving teaching and learning in the mathematics, science and technology fields...

Technical Projects

Local government, tourist information and small businesses

Through-glass, interactive, touch-screen information systems

Interactive, through-glass, touchscreen systems for small-businesses. local government and tourist information offices. Enabling 24-hour contact with electronic services on HD screens, mounted as a window display.

Network cosultancy for municipal government, police and fire services, legal, financial, health-care and retail

Planning, implementation and support

I've planned, installed, optimised and maintained small and large scale network installations for government and private sector since the 1990s, in both the United Kingdom and Canada.

Whilst it's best to avoid a disaster in the first place...

Disaster Recovery

Strategic and operational level Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and disaster recovery for government and private sector, tailored to the specifics of the organisation.

Teaching Science

Evidence-Based Practice

Because anything else really isn't science

There are topics in science where the evidence really is in. Where professional scientists, world experts in their field, have stopped arguing about the phenomena, and have turned their attention to the details (e.g., evolution and anthropogenic climate change). Yet many classroom teachers and their political masters would still teach an argument with no supporting evidence.

To deliberately misinform a generation in the name of education—when the evidence is there for all to see—or the sake of a political or cultural agenda, is as fundamental a betrayal of the trust of that generation as can be achieved, and should never go unchallenged. Whatever the theory, whatever the academic discipline or conversational domain may be, if the theory fails at the hurdles of academic rigor or honesty, then it has no business in the classroom.